Thursday, April 2, 2020

We are open for business-but "Social Distancing" see our site

Trust everyone out there is in good health, maybe a little stir crazy with this lockdown and social distancing.  We too are just waiting to see what happens these next 30 days.  All of our trade shows have been postponed and we will not be going to Turlock, CA for their Spring Car Swap Meet due to the current situations.  At this time the Reno Hot August Nights Car Swap meet is still on target. 

We are still selling online from our various platforms, so you can go to them and see what new NASCAR or classic car items we have listed.  We are still getting new tee shirts, ball caps, and other related collectibles.  They are posted on our e-commerce sites:
We do list our new items on as Ron Claussen Tees so you might want to review our Facebook platform for more details.  We have been able to ascertain several NASCAR driver's ball caps and some tee shirts which are all posted on



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ronclaussentees said...

See more at my new site on as ronclaussente4398 for racing tees and caps of Chase Elliott and Dale Sr and Jr Earnhardts, plus Richard Petty tees and Drag racing strip tees. all on my site there as well as on thanks