Saturday, May 19, 2007

JR Motorsports Licensed Apparel Available Soon

JR Motorsports Licensed Apparel available at our web site soon. When Dale Earnhardt Jr., entered the arena of American motorsports, a new breed of race car driver was born -- charismatic but rebellious, refined but raw, simple but cool. A revolution started, and with it evolved one of the most passionate fan followings in all of sports. Young and old, male and female, loyal and proud, then call themselves JR Nation. We will soon start stocking JR items or have access to ordering tees, caps, etc., directly from the printer. Just watch our web site for postings or contact me via email with your request or questions. You can go to our web site at or my for more information about what we may have for sale regarding Dale Jr and Sr., as well as the other top ten NASCAR drivers that we may have apparel in stock. We have a changing inventory, so you need to keep in touch with the web site or email me your address for direct information about what is new or where we will be selling in No. California or Reno, NV area.

We have several classic car and biker tees, ball caps, and collectibles listed on our web site, but not all of our 3000 prints are posted. Check them out and if you don't find what you are looking for email me with your request. Our prices are the most reasonable on line.