Thursday, March 11, 2010

NASCAR Jackets - Collectibles

We have a few Winston Cup NASCAR jackets left in our inventory that we are reducing the prices to clear our racks.  Some of these collectibles may be posted on our web site at  Most of them are BUD #8 of Dale Jrs, the all red jacket is a one of a kind at $100.00 and the black/red ones are $50.00 each plus the $15.00 shipping and handling due to the size and weight.  The Miller's Lite of Rusty Wallace jackets are also $50.00 each, we have 3 of them on hand in large and extra large sizes.  The Jeff Gordon jacket is a medium, at $50.00, only one left and the Dale Sr #3 jacket is one of a kind also at $50.00.  Matching ballcaps can be found on the web site. If you have any questions email me at

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Racing and Classic Car Tee Shirt Blowout Sale

At I have a closeout or clearence page with a lot of shirts I have reduced the prices and are on sale.  Additionally, I have 1000's of other tees and ball caps for sale at half price or 50% off the retail price and in some cases at cost.  Special prices for 3 tee shirts, regular sizes $20.00 plus shipping and handling of $8.50 pere package. Not shown on my web site are several event shirts or specialized prints, like logo's, the various biker events tees or the NHRA event tees, several NASCAR prints if old drivers, sponsors or numbers.  That goes the same for ball caps, a lot of them are the old sponsor or car number changes..some are overstock as well. We have several kids prints, but no pictures of them, too many, if you are interested in kids tees/caps, send me an email.  Now we still have a few of the CAR's tees and caps for kids.  More closeout tees include the BUD Frogs, other BUD tees, Chopper's, M & M's, these are in big sizes, as well as regular,  Hooter's both in short sleeve and long sleeve, various cities, they are in black, white and ash.  Some drink tees of beer, BUD, COOR's, Millers, Lite, Hamm's and Corona, as well as soda pop, that of Pepsi and Coke.  We have a few WWF tees, as well as the west coast baseball and football jersey tees, 3/4 sleeves at $15.00 each.  Have a few animal tees, railroad, military war tees as well as Elvis, James Dean and MM, 3 Stooges and cartoon tees of Betty Boobs, Scooby-Doo...many more can not think of them all right now...have to go out and do an inventory...any questions as to the prices, sizes, prints, etc., email me at  or stop by the car swaps meets in CA and NV this next year of 2010.