Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nevada Chapter CAI Awards Ron Claussen DCAL

October 25, 2012 the Nevada chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI) gave their Certificate of Achievement to Ron Claussen for their DCAL (Dedicated Community Association Leader) designation at the Ethics meeting in Reno.

Ron is the 82nd dedicated community association leader of the Nevada chapter.  He has served as President of Reno II home owner association of the Lake Grove Condo Association for the last six years.

Ron is also a member of the Desert Lakes HOA of Fernley, NV since 2000.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

See me 7 Oct 2012 in Turlock, CA Fall Car Swap Meet on the Fairgrounds

I will be selling at the Turlock, CA Fall Car Swap Meet on 7 Oct 2012  at spaces FX 9 and 10  on the fairgrounds parking lot.

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This will be my last car swap meet for 2012.... should return to Turlock's Spring Car Swap Meet in May 2013 and hopefully at the Reno Hot August Nights car swap meet at the Reno Livestock Arena in August 2013.

Remember to vote Republican in November 2012 election...........

Saturday, August 4, 2012

See me at Reno Hot August Nites Car Swap Meet 9-11 August 2012

I will be selling my classic car and racing tees, caps and collectibles at the Reno Hot August Nights Car Swap Meet on the Reno Livestock Arena grounds.  I will be at spaces G 13, 14, 15 and 16 setting up on the 8th of August.  Stop by and check out my inventory...

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We be doing the Turlock, CA Fall car swap meet in Oct 2012 at the fairgrounds there..if you miss us in Reno, NV., then catch us in the farm valley of CA..or go to the web site and yardsale to order tee shirts, ball caps and collectibles.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SGMP gives Ron the National President's Award

Society of Government Meeting Planners (Professionals) (SGMP) at their 30th annual Education Conference in New Orleans, LA , 16-17 May 2012, gave Ron Claussen their National President's Award 2012.  Ron was their National President from 1987-1989,  prior to that he was the Northern California Chapter President 1986-87, later it became the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of SGMP...Ron also was awarded the Sam Gilmer Award in 1990.  Ron's favorite quote was "There is another life after SGMP"...

He was responsible for conducting DOD training workshops, meetings and conferences for his government agency, the Military Traffic Management Command, Western Area until he retired in July of 1993.

Ron now has his own business known as Ron Claussen Associates, with his merchandising and event planning...see his web site and yardsale for additional information.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turlock, CA Spring Car Swap Meet - 6 May 2012

Look for me at the fairgrounds in Turlock, CA with my classic car and racing tee shirts, ball caps and collectibles for sell at swap meet prices.  I will be at the same spaces I have been for the past 20 years, on the pavement, against the fence, FX 10 and 11...

We will we only doing the two Turlock CA car swaps, May and October and the Reno Hot August Nights car swap at the Reno Livestock Event Center in August 2012.  You can find my items on my web site at or at my yardsale at all of my tees and caps, plus the collectibles are limited in supply, as well as size and color or design.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who is driving your home owner's association (HOA) success?

by Ron Claussen, President of Reno II HOA and member of CAI Nevada Chapter.

When you sit down and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your homer's owner's association (HOA), it truly boils down to the saying "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."  When I sit down and discuss home owner's associations issues with my CAI (Community Association Institute) counterparts, the weakest link always seems to center around the HOA Executive Board and Directors with their lack of knowledge of the Nevada Revised Statue (NRS) 116 or their governing documents as well as their fiduciary duties. 

I learned that the real key to Reno II HOA success was going to be driven by our newly hired HOA management firm and all of those supporting professional experts and consultants. I made those areas of our HOA operation a "priority" on a continuous basis.  Let's face it, you have a multi-million dollar complex with the best HOA adviser's in the world, but if you can not deliver assistance the expertise becomes secondary.

With that thought in mind, Reno II had just terminated the contract of the previous management firm, searching for a replacement started, once the new firm was hired, our whole financial system had to be updated, new legal and CPA/accountant had to be retained, as well as looking at our building maintenance program.

Hence I had to go to our reserve study to look at what was major and minor repairs were programmed and funded for the next five years; plus reviewing our fund balance to ensure we had adequate funds to maintain our property and retain it's value.

All of our maintenance could not be performed by our on site employee, but the larger projects had to be contracted out such as the plumbing updates, the painting and stucco repairs, parking lot and roof being resurfaced.  Now, with the NRS three bid requirement made this task harder as not all bids submitted were apples and oranges.  Now I, and the Reno II board members had to exercise the ordinary and reasonable care of directors of a corporation, subject to the business-judgment rule when making an informed decision.

Might note that you must review all of the terms and conditions of those bids from the vendors and consultants to ensure each line item of costs were entered.  You could end up with some unreasonable charges for phone calls and e-mails as an example.

Remember that your Board members and your maintenance man, next to your management firm see more homeowners than any one else in your association.  Putting some emphasis into this arena can return some big dividends for your homeowners and for the Board too.

NOTE: This article has been submitted to the NV chapter of CAI as part of their requirement to obtain their designated community association leader (DCAL) plus all the required courses.