Thursday, May 9, 2019

Back from PI trip to see the Dentist, meet up with wife and buy a few things

HI..I just finished about 2 month trip thru Hong Kong to the Philippines.  First flew into Cebu and went to see my dentist there in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu.  the dentist is a female and she had done my lower partial last year and now to get my up partial done.  Arrived on the 10th of March, she saw me the 11th, pulled a tooth, did some other work, impressions and then I returned 2 days later for the fitting, etc.  She had to return the dental piece to the lab for some fine tuning, but got it back late that nite and was fitted and on my way back to the hotel.
 I departed the next day for the old Clark Air Base, in Angeles City, which now an international airport.  Stay at the Oasis hotel for a few days to see some business folks, and wait for my wife, Angelita to come down from the province to meet up with me.  After a few day together alone, we went back up to her Mom's place and then later to her house in Pozzarubio.  It was very hot during my stay, so I made a couple of trips up the mountain to Baguio to cool off.  Staying there 4 days and nites and later 3 days and nites.  I was site seeing, as years ago I used to be involved with our command's transportation conferences at Camp John Hay.  It was run by the Air Force as an R&R base during the Viet Nam war.  The hotels we stayed at were ok, but not Americanize as their buffets did not have food that Americans would normally eat. Plus they were not handicapped friendly.
 After staying up north for about 5 weeks, we returned to Angeles City to stay again at the Oasis Hotel, where we picked up our finished products, the die-cast Jeepneys, San Miguel Beer ball caps, and Clark Air Field ballcaps, plus Clark Air Base tee shirts and some biker tees.  All you can see on my e-commerce site at

We got caught up in the 6.1 earthquakes at Angeles City on the night before I was to depart.  The Clark terminal was closed down and I had to get a driver to take me to Manila to fly out to Hong Kong and on back to the states. All in a day of traveling....

That is a sample of our new items for sell on the bonanza site.  Now were are getting ready for the Reno Hot August Nites Car Swap and it will be back at the Reno Livestock Center, spaces are not known at this time.

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