Saturday, April 19, 2008

Racing Collectibles -- Tee Shirts and Caps

Racing history on tee shirts and ball caps....we have then all. If you are looking for the road course cars on tee shirts, collector's cars on tee shirts or the Salt Flats at Bonneville you will be able to get them from us on line. Our prices are very reasonable compared to others at the track or the big box stores. Most tee shirts prices start at $16.99 and the ball caps at $14.99, plus $7.50 shipping and handling costs for goods shipped within the states. Email us with your order to and we will advise you if we have the items on hand as well as the prices. Once the web site is back up and running, you will be able to see more classic car and racing tee shirts and ballcaps, as well as all of the racing collectibles we offer. We have several other car and racing related items for sale, such as the hat pins, knit caps, jackets, kids tees, ladies tops, metal signs, flags, beer steins, artist pictures of drivers, plus some photos and much more...if you don't see it here or on the web site, emails with your request.

Now if you are in the California valley, we will be in Turlock, CA for their spring car swap meets at the fairgrounds. We will be there the 3 and 4 of May 2008, set up on the pavement against the fence, spaces FX 9 and 10.

We plan to do the Turlock swaps and the Reno Hot August Nites Swap Meet at the Reno Livestock arena. So you can check us out, as well as our on the road inventory...may save some money, since we will be selling at swap meet prices!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We just received a NASCAR Tee Shirt shipment in that we will be selling cheap....They were from the 2007 end of the racing season apparel. They are ladies tops, men's short and long sleeve tee shirts. The prints are some of the top drivers and they will be sold at $4.99 for the ladies and men's short sleeves, with the men's long sleeves going for $6.99 plus the initial cost of $7.50 for shipping and handling. Any additional purchases, just add a dollar extra per item for S/H. The sizes are limited, as well as the prints and colors of the shirts, but we will try to match up as close as we can... Just email us at with your request and we will advise you if there are any in stock and the amount for your purchase. We take Paypal, money orders or banker's cashier checks, sorry no COD or CASH for on line purchases.

We will take what is left to the Spring Turlock Swap meet on the 3/4 May 2008. Our set up will be on the pavement against the fence at the Turlock, CA fairgrounds, spaces FX 9 and 10. This swap meet will also include motor cycles parts and related items, a first time addition.

The web site at is still being reworked and will be up as soon as the web master gets it finished...sorry about the delays.