Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mother's Day & Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here is a few items we have to offer as gifts.. Classic car, NASCAR, Biker, Elvis, Cartoon, Logo tees, ball caps, collectibles. You can check out our web site for some great buying ideas, at but if you don't see them there, then e-mail us with your request and if we have it on hand, we will in return send you a picture of the item, along with the prices. We have over 3000 prints on hand in tee shirts, about 100 in ball caps and over a 100 collectible items..

Our prices are the most reasonable and we ship as soon as we get your payment, either thru Paypal or the mails. We ship out of Reno, NV most of the time, with about a week transit time to any place here in the states.

Our next car swap is not until August 9th, 10th and 11th at the Reno Car Swap Meet in conjunction with Reno's Hot August Nites. This event is the biggest on the west coast, with over 10,000 restored cars and all of those 50's, 60's bands, singers and actors we grew up with back in the good ole days...on the stages of the Reno Casinos..