Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Die Cast Collectibles

At the web site of we have several items listed on the collectible page.  Just click the picture to make it larger or email me at and I will forward a photo copy of the item. Listed here on this blog is a sample of metal die cast we have such as Philippines jeepney, NASCAR, NHRA, Harley motorcycle, and classic car or truck...

Also on the web site is all types of classic car and racing tee shirts, ball caps, flags, hat pins, plus more to many to list here...go to to view what is available.  Now we will be at three car swap meets this year, two in Turlock, CA and one in Reno, NV..check our our events page for more details.

On the closeout page of our web site we have several tee shirts and ball caps discounted prices and no longer in print or production.  Our shipping and handling costs are $8.50 and if you add more items, it is just one dollar for each additional item.  So if you purchase 3 items, the S/H cost would be $10.50.

We are also listed on and facebook, bloglogs etc., if you want to view our other products we have for sale.