Saturday, March 8, 2008

Corvette Tees and ball caps

We have several Corvette tees and ball caps, only can post these for now. If you are looking for a certain year, let us know by sending an email at It appears we have the old years and the newer years on hand. If there is one year you are looking for, ask and I will check with the printers to see if Chevy granted it to be licensed and printed. Big sizes have to be ordered and normally we have on hand large and and extra large. Now, the web site is still down at so we will have to pull up pics of tees to show you. As far as the Corvette ball caps, we have a couple designs on hand. We have over 3000 classic car tee shirt prints as well as NASCAR, NHRA and biker events...several collectibles, like the Corvette beer stein, metal signs, you can review our previous blog posts to see what we have. Our prices are reasonable plus shipping and handling. The bigger sizes cost us more as well, so you will be adding $2.00 each for XXL and $3.00 each for XXXL. The biker event shirts are on close out and the price is the same regardless of the sizes. More than one item, we will consolidate the shipping costs, starting at $7.50.

As far as upcoming car swaps, we have one in Turlock, CA on the weekend of 4th of May at their fairgrounds and we will be setting up the day before at spaces FX 9 and 10, on the pavement against the fence.