Wednesday, July 18, 2007

$5.00 for Tees or Caps With Sponsor, Driver or Number Changes

$5.00 each (plus S & H) for NASCAR tee shirts or ballcaps of sponsor, driver or number changes. Our inventory is overflowing so we are having a blowout sale. Now the sizes and prints may vary at these closeout prices. We do have several Winston Cup Series tees with the last schedule on the back, great collectible, various prints and sizes. This sale does include racing car and truck brand prints on tees and caps, like Chevy, Ford, and Dodge...
We have several UPS #88 tees and caps, same with #2 of Rusty Wallace, #40 of Sterling Marlin, #15/55 of Mikey, #18 of Bobby LaBonte, #4 of Ernie Irvan, #5 of Terry LaBonte, #6/60 of Mark Martin, #97 of Kurt Busch, as well as some of his Nextel championship tees/caps, #11/94 of Bill Elliott, caps, tees, some large sweatshirts with 94; #17 Darrel Waltrip, #44 tees of Kyle Petty, #43 caps of Richard/STP, #99 of Jeff Burton, several kids caps and tees too, as well as adults; #16 Biffle's National Guard print. I may have others on hand, so if you don't see the old driver or sponsor you are looking for, let me know via email, You can purchase a dozen (12) at $60.00, plus shipping and handling of $15.00. NO COD'S, you can mail me a money order or bank cashier's check or use Paypal.
If you are interested in purchasing any of them above, email me with your request or to my web site at click on order. When ordering off the web site, use the car number and what you want, such as "88tee or 88cap", then the price of $5.00 each, plus the $7.50 shipping and handling. If you want more than one, add a $1.00 for each additional item to cover S/H costs.
For more closeouts, click on our clearance page on the web site. Any quesitons, feel free to email me.