Thursday, June 6, 2013 my latest e-commerce location

Since had closed down in early March 2013, I have been looking for additional new
e-commerce locations that I can post my classic car and racing tee shirts, ball caps, collectibles., as well as other related items of my inventory. I recently came across a new site, that of which I have listed several tee shirts and ball caps on there as a test to see how their platform works for my products. I still have my web site and e-commerce site of for everyone to see and purchase from my on line inventory.

I will be looking at as well, when it gets started the end of June 2013. I can only due a few car swap meets in today's economy due to the high cost of fuel to travel the west coast and set up and sell. As a reminder, I will be doing the Reno Hot August Night's Car Swap Meet at the Reno Livestock Arena and I will be out on the parking lot, spaces G 13, 14, 15 and 16, the 8-10 August 2013. In the fall, I will return to do the Turlock Fall Car Swap Meet on the fairgrounds at Turlock, CA. My spaces there are along the fence as FX 9 and 10.

Any recommendations and questions can be directed to my email address at