Friday, January 15, 2010

Mustangs - Classic Muscle Car Tee Shirts

Muscle classic car tees are on the web site at which includes all kinds of Mustangs, Cobra's, and other Ford's; plus Chevy and Dodge old cars. Go check the web site out; besides those tees, there are caps, racing collectibles and closeouts.  The prices are the best on the web, $17.99 for the white tees and only a dollar more for the black and colored tees.  Add two dollars for XXL and three dollars for the XXXL "big guy" tees to the base prices.  The shipping and handling is $7.50 for the first shirt, then add a dollar for each additional shirt purchased.

Here is a few of these we have on the web site, double click the picture to make it larger.

Any questions can be address at my email of along with pictures of what we do have in the inventory.

The 2010 car swap meet dates have been posted in my yahoo profile and will be listed here later as we become closer to the show time in May, August and October.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chevy Classic Car Tee Shirts

We have all the Chevy Classic Car Tee Shirts anyone Chevy person would be looking for....go to our web site at to check them out.  Starting prices at $17.99 plus shipping/handling. Black and colored tees a dollar more.  Big guys sizes are higher as well.

Double click the pictures to enlarge them.

Any questions you can email me at