Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New e-commerce site is

After a few problems, I finally got my inventory moved from to my new e-commerce location at   Some of the photos did not move as well as others, so I am now trying to located them in my records and add them.  Also, I never recorded the bar code date before and I now have to try and find it.  Some of my products do not have it, so I do not know if they will stay up or not, google at this time has found 18 or so items that say are not acceptable.  Several are the confederate flag or civil war items... you can still find most of them on my web site at if you want to purchase them.  just send me an email to or and we can go from there.

Now this is the 4th e-commerce location I have had my products/goods on, first you remember it was, they closed in 2011, then I went to and then to  Now I am at with 800 plus products.  I will see how things work out here.

We will not be at the fall Turlock, Ca car swap meet, as the date conflicts with other scheduled matters.. 

As you know, I have put my business up for sale, asking $125,000.00 for the inventory, the equipment, the van, the web site, e-commerce locations, trade shows/swap meets data plus whatever taxes and commission that may be involved  This business has been around since 1982, starting out in Northern Virginia. 

Now, next month is the Reno Hot August Nights Car Swap Meet at the Reno Livestock Arena. We will be there at spaces T-14, 15 16 and 17 hopefully, setting up on the 9th of August 2017 and tear down on the eve of the 12th of August 2017. Trust the weather will be good, as right now it is in the 90's rain. 

Happy Shopping.....see ya in Reno, Nevada next month!