Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rat Fink - ED "Big Daddy" ROTH Tee Shirts Designs

Rat Fink---This is ED "BIG DADDY" ROTH classic car collection of his art work of various old car or hot rod designs printed on tee shirts by ANDY'S. We have most of them in stock--large or extra large sizes at $16.99 plus shipping and handling. I understand there may be some larger ones available but supplies are limited and we would have to order them.

Now, we do carry these with us when we travel to the car swap meets in CA or at Reno's Hot August Nites. They are sold at the event's prices with a limited selection. You can see some of them at our web site and order them directly or email us with your tee shirt request at

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Final Days of Christmas Shopping

We are down to the last days of Christmas Shopping. Now you can order those special classic car or racing tee shirts and ball caps with all that money you got as a gift for Christmas. Go to our web site at and check them out. Also you can see some items at our yahoo 360 of Ron Claussen Tees. If you don't see what you were looking for email us at yahoo or aol, our email addresses are or We have a big inventory, tees, caps, and collectibles that is changing on a daily basis.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Shopping Ideas.....

Down to 8 days before Christmas...we have several ideas for great gifts or stocking stuffers at great prices. All kinds of classic car, racing or biker tee shirt or ball caps, plus racing or car collectibles...go check them out at our web site if you can not get on our web site, just email us at or with your search or questions about what we have to offer. We take Paypal or cashier's check or money COD's or cash.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Last minute Christmas shopping on line

We have just 11 days until Christmas to do your last minute shopping and we have several tee shirts and ball caps with classic car prints, racing, biker, and cartoon as well as movie stars of the '50's...go check out our web site at or email us with your search if you do not see it on the web or Our prices are the best on line and should be in your hand within 7 days. We mail out of Reno, NV main post office with a tracker number so you can check on it during it's transit.

More Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

We have a big inventory to choose from...classic cars, racing, biker, some cartoon prints on tee shirts and ball caps. Also a lot of die cast at the right price. We have a small part of our inventory posted on our web site.....check it out at

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Shopping Ideas.....

Only 16 days or so left until Christmas....we have the ideal gifts or stocking stuffers that you can order off our web page at like classic car tees shirts, both adult and kids sizes, ball caps, knit caps, die cast, racing collectibles and fan apparel.

In our die cast collectibles section, we have NASCAR, NHRA, Philippine Jeepneys, UPS Trucks, classic cars, beer steins, mugs, metal signs, artists pictures of movie stars, singers and NASCAR drivers plus more..check then out..

We have over 3000 classic car and racing tee shirt prints, kids tees and caps like CARS, racing and various cartoon prints. Also collector's race driver jackets, ball caps, some sweatshirts, plus 3 x 5 racing or logo flags all items at reasonable prices. We do have a few of Dale Jr new #88 tees left, as well as several of his #8, BUD tees, jackets, caps and collectibles. Jimmie and Jeff tees and ballcaps are also available...

Order now so you will have the gifts in time for Christmas.

Christmas Shopping Ideas.....

Down to 20 days or less until Christmas, we have some good gift or stocking stuffer ideas. Go check out our web site at to see some great collectibles related to old cars or racing, as well as classic car and racing tee shirts and ball caps. Also some racing jackets, beer steins and die cast available at reasonable prices.

For those die cast collectors, we have NASCAR, NHRA, Jeepneys of the Philippines, UPS truck, and old cars. You can find some metal signs of race drivers, old cars, BUD signs and others, also several BUD collectible items besides that of Dale Jr #8 tees, caps, jackets and more. Several artist pictures of NASCAR drivers, Movie stars and singers that are great for framing.

Over 3000 car, racing, biker and other screen printed tee shirts, as well as various designs of ball caps, both racing and classic car. We do have kids tees and caps, several from the movie CARS, plus car, cartoon, WWF and racing prints too.

Order now so you can have them in time for Christmas....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

MOPAR - SUPER BEE- Tees and caps + More

Great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers MOPAR tees and caps. We have Super Bee caps and tee shirts, plus some MOPAR die cast. Also, we have Challenger, Charger, Dodge, Plymouth and Cuda tees shirts and some ball caps, all at reasonable prices. Order now off the web site at and if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know, at, since we have over 3000 car and racing prints, as well as hundreds of ball caps. We have been identified by Chevy merchandising firms as the "largest over the road tee shirt vendor" with the greatest selection of classic car, racing and biker tees, as well as some of the 50's movie stars like Elvis and James Dean. If you are looking for auto flags, we have several 3 x 5 feet logo flags, let us know what you are looking for....

Look for us in the spring, selling at NoCal and Nevada car swap meets.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Shopping Ideas.....

We have ideal Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers, with 30 days or so until 25 December, you can go check out our web site for some great classic car tees or caps, as well as collectibles. At you can see our partial inventory. If you are looking for something else, let us know. We have over 3000 car, racing and biker prints in stock, a lot of them no longer being printed...according to our Chevy/GM screen printer and supplier, we are the largest "over the road tee shirt vendor" out west, with about every licensed car or racing tee available or ever printed.

Just in! Some 1/64 Muscle Machine die cast, that of West Coast Chopper series, Jesse James.. "SLAM", which included an old '54 Chevy coupe, '57 Chevy wagon, old Ford couple, Chevy, GMC and Dodge Ram pick up trucks with flames. They are $5 each plus S/H. In addition, I have an assortment of 1/64 NHRA die cast, their Pro Series of dragsters, funny cars and the Door Slammers-Beast Car. Ask for more information.

With that shipment we got NHRA die cast, a Jeg Coughlin Jr Chevy, 2004 Cavalier Pro Stock Funny Car 1/24 in size, $40 plus S/H. That order included other Pro Stock, that of Tony Pedregon Quaker State Funny Car; Tony Bartone's Johnny Lightning and AC Delco of Kurt Johnson, also in 1/24.

As far as NASCAR die cast, we do have some Jimmie Johnson 1/64 and 1/24; 1/64 of Dale Jr #8; and Dale Sr 1/24 special edition in black or brushed metal. Prices on these vary.

Jeepney die cast available, a filipino taxi or Philippines transportation, we have several of them, all painted to note where they are from as far as cities, brgy or island location. Ask for details.

Wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chevelle, Nova and Vette Tee Shirts and Caps

Check out These are where the top of the line requests for classic car tee shirts and ball caps are located; that of the Chevelle, Nova or Vette. Now, we have all of them in stock, several designs all are reasonably priced. They are on white, black or colored tee shirts of quality cotton.

Looking for those Christmas Gifts or Stocking Stuffers you will find at this web site, tees, caps, jackets, racing and classic car collectibles. Various types of die cast models, that of the filipino jeepney, NHRA drag racers, NASCAR cars or banks and that of classic cars. You can see some of them here on previous blog postings.

We will not be back on the road again until late spring of 2008, doing car swap meets, so you will have to use this newsletter as your source of buying car or racing apparel and collectibles.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tee shirts & Ball caps-Christmas Gifts/Stocking Stuffers

Now is the time to starting your Christmas Gift shopping, beat the rush. You can buy them at great stocking stuffers as well. We have over 3000 prints on tee and 1000 ball caps, plus racing collectibles, NASCAR gear, classic car tees and caps, some biker tees and caps, plus those closeout specials. The number one NASCAR driver is Dale Jr and we have his new #88 tees, as well as his old #8 BUD tees, caps, and collectibles, in addition to Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson stuff...all those Chevy tees. NASCAR and NHRA die cast too.... If you don't find it on the web site, send us an email with your search and if we have in stock, we will forward a pic of the item with the cost. All of our prices are reasonable, plus the normal shipping and handling costs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

#88 Dale Jr Tees-- Have Arrived Has received Dale Jr #88 Mountain Dew, amp and National Guard Chevy Tee shirts. We have them in M/L/XL at $19.99 and XL at $21.99, plus $7.50 shipping and handling costs..if you buy more than one just add a $1.00 for each additional shirt to cover the cost of shipping. You can go thru my web site and order....

6215110-- Black Tee 6215109--White Tee 6215111--Blue Tee

or send me an email with your selection and I will hold them until you provide me a money order or bank cashier check for the total amount. Upon receipt I will ship them out of the Reno, NV main post office. We got limited supply due to the first printing and big demand...

Now for those folks that will be in the Turlock CA area attending the Fall Car Swap Meet 21st of Oct 07, we will bring what is left. or or

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NASCAR Dale Earnhardt jr 88 Mountain Dew amp T-Shirts

We are still awaiting the arrival of the new Dale Jr #88, Mountain Dew, amp and National Guard tee shirts. They will be sold at $19.99 for the M/L/XL and $21.99 for XXL plus $7.50 shipping and handling costs. You can order thru Paypal on or mail cashier check or money order to the address listed on the web site. Upon receipt of payment the tees will be shipped out of the Reno, NV main post office.

There are still some Dale Jr #8 tees and ballcaps left, as well as a lot of other collectibles that you can see on the web site. Also other NASCAR drivers and classic car and truck tee shirts, ballcaps and other automobile collectibles for sale. Think Christmas Gifts/Stocking Stuffers!!

We will be in Turlock, CA at there Fall Car Swap Meet, Oct 21st, 07 on the fairgrounds, spaces FX 9 and 10, against the fence on the pavement. This will be our last 2007 car swap meet.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jeepney Die Cast-Stocking Stuffers

We have several metal die cast Jeepney...still in the boxes for sell at reasonable prices, ideal for Christmas Gifts as Stocking Stuffers. Check out the related information on previous postings. I have several different colors and paintings. The most popular is the General Douglas Mac Arthur, "I shall return at Leyte" on the roof of the model jeepney. If you are looking for other classic car or racing collectibles, go check out the web site at or yahoo 360 of

Saturday, September 22, 2007

MUSTANG Tee Shirts and Ball Caps for Sale

We have several new Mustang tee shirts and ball caps availble. Click on our web site at and check them out. All are Ford licensed products for sell at reasonable prices, plus shipping and handling. Also you can find NASCAR and other car related tee shirts and ball caps as well as racing collectibles. We do have a clearance pages, so check it out for some deals on shirts and caps.

Now, if you are out west, we will be at the Turlock, CA Fall Car Swap Meet, Oct 21, 2007, set up at spaces FX 9 and 10, against the fence on the pavement. This will be our last car swap meet for 2007. This is a good time to start thinking about Christmas gifts too. Beat the rush!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dale Earnhardt Jr Tees--#88 & New Sponsors

It is official, Dale Earnhardt Jr., will be driving #88 in 2008 and his new sponsors will be Mountain Dew, amp and National Guard. The tee shirts will be out around the 1st of October 2007, so if you want to be first in line, you need to let me know which design you are interested in. It will be posted to our web site as soon as we get some good pictures. What we are posting here is the first edition of the printer's release. We will be selling M-XL for $22.99 and the 2XL for $24.99 plus $7.50 shipping and handling. We will consolidate the shipping to save your cost, just add $1.00 extra for each item if you order 2 shirts the S/H would be $8.50. Ideal Christmas Gift or stocking stuffer....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Classic Car Tee shirt & Ball caps for Sale

View the west coast's largest "on the road" tee shirt vendor's inventory on line or check it out at the next car swap meet in your area. We have over 3000 prints on tee shirts or ball caps available at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. To view some of those tee shirts and caps, as well as racing collectibles, got to or you can see us at the Fall Turlock Collector Car/Parts Swap Meeting, the 21st of October 2007. It will be at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock, CA. We will be setting up the afternoon of the 20th of October, so you may see some of the items as we unpack.. Now this will be our last car swap meet for 2007.

We have several NASCAR tee shirts, ball caps, jackets, and other collectibles if you are in to that arena of automobiles and racing. We have a lot of Dale Jr and Dale Sr apparel for sale, let us know what you are looking for by sending us an email at with your search. We have a lot of closeouts too, so ask about those items.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


August 9th, 10th, and 11th is the big three days for Reno's car swap at the Livestock Arena. We will be there with four spaces, G 13, 14, 15 and 16, just across from the guys that sell EZup tents.
This year is the 50 years of the 1957 Chevy and we will have that anniversity tee shirt for sale, as well as 1000's of prints on tees, caps, flags, jackets, and collectibles. We are recognized as the largest "over the road tee shirt vendor" on the west coast. All are licensed items of Chevy, Ford, Dodge, NASCAR etc., selling at reasonable prices. Now if you are not able to make this year's event in Reno, NV, then go to our web site at and check it out for some of our inventory that is for sale.
We will be in Turlock, CA for their August Car Swap meet on the 19th, at the fairgrounds.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

$5.00 for Tees or Caps With Sponsor, Driver or Number Changes

$5.00 each (plus S & H) for NASCAR tee shirts or ballcaps of sponsor, driver or number changes. Our inventory is overflowing so we are having a blowout sale. Now the sizes and prints may vary at these closeout prices. We do have several Winston Cup Series tees with the last schedule on the back, great collectible, various prints and sizes. This sale does include racing car and truck brand prints on tees and caps, like Chevy, Ford, and Dodge...
We have several UPS #88 tees and caps, same with #2 of Rusty Wallace, #40 of Sterling Marlin, #15/55 of Mikey, #18 of Bobby LaBonte, #4 of Ernie Irvan, #5 of Terry LaBonte, #6/60 of Mark Martin, #97 of Kurt Busch, as well as some of his Nextel championship tees/caps, #11/94 of Bill Elliott, caps, tees, some large sweatshirts with 94; #17 Darrel Waltrip, #44 tees of Kyle Petty, #43 caps of Richard/STP, #99 of Jeff Burton, several kids caps and tees too, as well as adults; #16 Biffle's National Guard print. I may have others on hand, so if you don't see the old driver or sponsor you are looking for, let me know via email, You can purchase a dozen (12) at $60.00, plus shipping and handling of $15.00. NO COD'S, you can mail me a money order or bank cashier's check or use Paypal.
If you are interested in purchasing any of them above, email me with your request or to my web site at click on order. When ordering off the web site, use the car number and what you want, such as "88tee or 88cap", then the price of $5.00 each, plus the $7.50 shipping and handling. If you want more than one, add a $1.00 for each additional item to cover S/H costs.
For more closeouts, click on our clearance page on the web site. Any quesitons, feel free to email me.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Looking for Classic Car, NASCAR or NHRA Tees or Caps???

Now with the car shows, car swaps, dirt track racing going full barrel, now it is the time to get a new tee shirt, ball cap, jacket, or even some collectibles like die cast, hat pins, artist pictures, or some metal signs. We have all of those at reasonable prices, just go our our web site at to see what we have...or email me at with your search.
Now we will be at Reno's Hot August Nites car swap at the Reno Livestock Arena, just off I-80; on 9, 10, & 11 of August. You can find us at spaces G 13,14,15 & 16. Across from the guy selling EZ-Up tents.
Also, we will be in Turlock, CA for their summer classic car swap, 19 August at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds and then again in October, the 6th for the fall collector car/parts swap meet. You can find me at the same spaces there in Turlock, again the fence, FX 9 and 10.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gifts for Dad's or Grad's Day

We have over 3000 prints of classic car, racing, NASCAR, biker, chopper, cartoon, Hollywood movie stars that are professional silk screen printed on tee shirts as well as embroidery on ball caps, jackets, flags, and other collectible items. The latest tee shirt is the 50 year anniversary of the 1957 Chevy. There is limited number of printings and we have over 100 shirts, mixed sizes on hand at reasonable prices, plus shipping and handling. We have several classic car prints on black shirts with flame backgrounds, which you can see on our web site at in addition to all the caps, collectibles and closeouts we have for sale.

NASCAR tee shirts and ball caps are also available, we stock the most popular drivers, like Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Kasey Kahn, Ryan Newman, and several more. Additionally, we have several older prints of other drivers, who have either changed sponsors or car numbers at clearance prices, but check the closeout section on our web site for those that we offer. If you don't see it on the web site, then send us an email concerning your search.

Biker and chopper tees, we have then as well. See our closeout section for those at clearance prices. The Harley Davidson caps are available at low prices plus shipping and handling. We do have some chopper ball caps not posted, but we can provide you pictures via email if you are interested.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

We have collectibles plus tee shirts and ballcaps

At our web site we have several collectibles, besides racing, biker and classic car tee shirts and ball caps. Go to and click collectibles to find ideal gifts for Dad on Father's day, Birthday, Christmas or any special day of the year. We have beer steins, coffee mugs, metal signs, knit caps, die cast, Teddy Bears, flags, Philippine Jeepneys, NASCAR hat pins, plus a lot more, if you don't see it, email us at with your search.

In addition to the above items, we have over 3000 prints of classic car, racing, biker, and cartoon tee shirts. About 100 or so of imprinted ball caps of NASCAR drivers, their sponsors, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, as well as logo collector caps, like M & M's, the various oil companies, and cartoon like TAZ. Again check out the web site at to view them.

We will be at Reno's Hot August Nites Car Swap the 9, 10, and 11th of August at the Reno Livestock Arena, on N. Wells Street, just off I-80. We will have four stalls, in row G, spaces 13, 14, 15, and 16. See our web site at for more information.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

JR Motorsports Licensed Apparel Available Soon

JR Motorsports Licensed Apparel available at our web site soon. When Dale Earnhardt Jr., entered the arena of American motorsports, a new breed of race car driver was born -- charismatic but rebellious, refined but raw, simple but cool. A revolution started, and with it evolved one of the most passionate fan followings in all of sports. Young and old, male and female, loyal and proud, then call themselves JR Nation. We will soon start stocking JR items or have access to ordering tees, caps, etc., directly from the printer. Just watch our web site for postings or contact me via email with your request or questions. You can go to our web site at or my for more information about what we may have for sale regarding Dale Jr and Sr., as well as the other top ten NASCAR drivers that we may have apparel in stock. We have a changing inventory, so you need to keep in touch with the web site or email me your address for direct information about what is new or where we will be selling in No. California or Reno, NV area.

We have several classic car and biker tees, ball caps, and collectibles listed on our web site, but not all of our 3000 prints are posted. Check them out and if you don't find what you are looking for email me with your request. Our prices are the most reasonable on line.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mother's Day & Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here is a few items we have to offer as gifts.. Classic car, NASCAR, Biker, Elvis, Cartoon, Logo tees, ball caps, collectibles. You can check out our web site for some great buying ideas, at but if you don't see them there, then e-mail us with your request and if we have it on hand, we will in return send you a picture of the item, along with the prices. We have over 3000 prints on hand in tee shirts, about 100 in ball caps and over a 100 collectible items..

Our prices are the most reasonable and we ship as soon as we get your payment, either thru Paypal or the mails. We ship out of Reno, NV most of the time, with about a week transit time to any place here in the states.

Our next car swap is not until August 9th, 10th and 11th at the Reno Car Swap Meet in conjunction with Reno's Hot August Nites. This event is the biggest on the west coast, with over 10,000 restored cars and all of those 50's, 60's bands, singers and actors we grew up with back in the good ole days...on the stages of the Reno Casinos..

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Turlock, CA Spring Car Swap Meet-6 May 2007

This is an update on our next car swap meet....We will be setting up 5 May 2007 at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, just off highway CA 99 for Turlock's car swap meet that is to be held on Sunday the 6th of May. As indicated, we will have all of our 3000 plus screen prints of classic car, truck, NASCAR, NHRA, and biker tee shirts, plus other designs, all at reasonable prices. We will be offering our latest flame prints, that of the '69 El Camino with flames. Also, we will have several ball caps, jackets, flags, metal signs and other collectibles that will be available for sale at spaces FX 9 and FX 10, along the fence on the pavement on the fairgrounds.

If you are unable to get out due to the high gas prices, then, the next best thing is to check our our web page at for a sample of what we offer. If you don't see it there, feel free to contact us with your request and if we have it on hand we will email you a photo of the item with the price. Sorry, no COD's, your method of payment is either by Paypal or mail us in advance a money order of cashier's check for amount of the purchase. More information can be found at our blog on yahoo 360, as well as here.

With Mother's Day and Father's Day just around the corner, maybe a collectible item for them or a tee shirt-ball cap combo is an ideal gift. You might check our clearance page on our web site, since we have several close outs at "blow out" prices.

Mark your calendar for the 42nd Annual Reno Classic Car and parts Swap meet & Nostalgia Faire that is scheduled for the 9th, 10th and 11th of August 2007. It will be held at the Reno Livestock Events Center (Washoe County Fairgrounds) just off I-80 on North Wells. We will be there at our regular spaces G13, 14, 15, and 16.

If you want to be on our email listing for special sales, email us at

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Car Swap Meet Dates in No.Cal & Nevada

We will be at No. California Oldsmobile Club Swap Meet on Sunday, the 29th of April 2007 at the Solano County Fairgrounds at I-80. We will be setting up the afternoon of the 28th. On Sunday, the 6th of May 2007 will be at Turlock, CA., their spring collector car and parts swap meet at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, off CA hiway 99. We will be setting up the afternoon of the 5th. Stop by and check out our 3000 classic car, NASCAR, biker, racing prints, as well as ball caps, jackets and much more at reasonable prices, most tees & caps starting at $15.00 each. You can also see them at our web site Reno's Hot August Nites will be the second week of August 2007. The swap meet at the Reno Livestock Arena will be 9, 10 & 11 August 2007, our spaces will be G 13, 14, 15 & 16.