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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Shopping Ideas.....

Only 16 days or so left until Christmas....we have the ideal gifts or stocking stuffers that you can order off our web page at like classic car tees shirts, both adult and kids sizes, ball caps, knit caps, die cast, racing collectibles and fan apparel.

In our die cast collectibles section, we have NASCAR, NHRA, Philippine Jeepneys, UPS Trucks, classic cars, beer steins, mugs, metal signs, artists pictures of movie stars, singers and NASCAR drivers plus more..check then out..

We have over 3000 classic car and racing tee shirt prints, kids tees and caps like CARS, racing and various cartoon prints. Also collector's race driver jackets, ball caps, some sweatshirts, plus 3 x 5 racing or logo flags all items at reasonable prices. We do have a few of Dale Jr new #88 tees left, as well as several of his #8, BUD tees, jackets, caps and collectibles. Jimmie and Jeff tees and ballcaps are also available...

Order now so you will have the gifts in time for Christmas.

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Christmas Shopping Ideas.....

Down to 20 days or less until Christmas, we have some good gift or stocking stuffer ideas. Go check out our web site at to see some great collectibles related to old cars or racing, as well as classic car and racing tee shirts and ball caps. Also some racing jackets, beer steins and die cast available at reasonable prices.

For those die cast collectors, we have NASCAR, NHRA, Jeepneys of the Philippines, UPS truck, and old cars. You can find some metal signs of race drivers, old cars, BUD signs and others, also several BUD collectible items besides that of Dale Jr #8 tees, caps, jackets and more. Several artist pictures of NASCAR drivers, Movie stars and singers that are great for framing.

Over 3000 car, racing, biker and other screen printed tee shirts, as well as various designs of ball caps, both racing and classic car. We do have kids tees and caps, several from the movie CARS, plus car, cartoon, WWF and racing prints too.

Order now so you can have them in time for Christmas....

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